Resort 18 Collection

“For Resort 2018, I drew inspiration from the late 1920’s and early 1930’s with a subtle focus on Art Deco. Geometric
embroidered mesh, opulent metallic jacquards, and intricate custom laces take cues from surface design of the era,
while a bevy of stripes - translated in sumptuous cotton, tinsel lamé, and delicate beads - are manipulated with seams and folds to enhance their graphic effect. Even the
floral printed silk, re-imagined from an original artwork from 1929, is accented with solid bands of trapunto-stitched duchess satin for striking results.”

The color palette is refined: pops of chartreuse, orange, and fuchsia brighten a story based in black and white, with hints of crème, silver, and blush skin tones. Metallics -
woven into jacquards, embroidered in beads and sequins, or foiled on textured jersey - telegraph the spirit of the jazz age while remaining current in sleek silhouettes.

Whether they be slinky charmeuse, backless and beaded, or bias cut, the soft silhouettes are reminiscent of the screen sirens of the era. Inspired by lingerie and dressing gowns of these same sirens, delicate lace trims and fine smocking details add a soft refinement to solid silks. Conversely, the structured fabrics are employed to accomplish voluminous arches and architectural step details, or are embroidered with bold eyelet designs derived from the print.
With details translated in all categories, these pieces have something from day to evening, and every holiday affair.